The most relevant stock index for the world’s technology companies, the NASDAQ-100 reaches an all-time high. This has been a constant effect on the world’s stock markets and indices since the pandemic struck.

Today’s chart focuses on explaining this high in the NASDAQ-100 index. Because of how truly relevant this data is to investors and understanding of the stock market.

Its technological relevance is also important. Well, today’s Nasdaq companies cover the entire spectrum of the U.S. economy.
From industrial companies to transportation companies, with a strong representation of the IT world.

Many well-known American companies choose the Nasdaq, including: Adobe Systems, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell Computer Corporation, Intel Corporation and Yahoo.

Nasdaq includes IA-driven index

Historic highs traded in the NASDAQ-100
The NASDAQ-100 index reaches an all-time high. At the time of writing the NASDAQ-100 index was trading at 11,269.75. Some analysts consider a rise to 11,510.50 possible.

In this way, taking into account that the price is at a maximum, and also that uncertainty is growing in the market.

It is doubtful that this will generate resistance. One that will require a lot of strength in trading for the NASDAQ-100 index to reach a historical high and continue to rise.

In addition, the Asian and European sessions were less volatile. This has caused investors to be hesitant about trading the index.